Lonely Ninjas release Last Night in Neverland Album in concert on Friday, May 5 in UW-SP Encore.  Details to the left


Matt receives his funding.  Details to the left.


Matt only needs $550 more.  Instructions on how to donate are to the left. 


Matt heads Clean-Water Project in Panama.  The project will bring safe drinking water to two towns with roughly 500 people, and 100% of the funds go directly to the project.  See left for details and info on how to donate.


Amy Sue and Darryl House Video finally posted.  Click on the picture below to download the video. 



Also, check out www.darrylvoss.com to see more pics.


Carissa moves to Colorado.  A sad day for me and Ed for sure, but she's off to be a super cool horse trainer.  Check out the videos to the left to see what's up.


Chris becomes official "FOE" Look for his picture to be posted soon.


Dan, Amy join Friends of Ed Blog.  The blog now includes posts from the above two, as well as Adam, Carissa, Curt, Emily, Jess, Ken, and Sean.


Matt doing well in Panama.  As you may know, Matt has joined the Peace Corps for 2 years.  Due to certain restrictions I can't post details here, but he has been working on projects including renewable, sanitary latrines and cutting rice with machetes, as well as playing soccer with the local children in his free time.  Sounds like he's having a great time.




CrazyEds.net adds a blog!  Let me know if you'd like to sign up.  It's SUPER EASY to use--no fancy computer knowledge necessary.  Check it out here.


Jess gives overview of Ghana trip.  Check out why she's there and what she's doing by visiting Jess' Blog.


Carissa moves to Colorado.  She's off in March to study under "America's most trusted Horseman," John Lyons.  She'll be gone about 6 months, and Adam will be at home crying every day.  Hopefully I'll get to go see her at least a couple times.  The John Lyons Certification Program is nationally known and will help Carissa become a better trainer (and get more money )


Jess updates from Ghana.  Keep track of what's going on in Jess's life by visiting Jess' Blog


Sean gets famous If you don't believe me, see for yourself.  Go to www.yahoo.com, select "Video" under Search Category, and search for "house"--and you'll see Sean's ugly mug! Out of 34,694 videos of houses that Yahoo! searches, Sean's comes up on the first page!  (Because of Yahoo!, Sean and his house were seen by 24 people in the last 2 days, and last month by 177 people!)


Kassia added to Friends of Ed.  She actually stayed with us some time ago, and I'm finally getting to add her now.


New Year's 2006 Dates.  Dan called me the other day and asked me when New Year's was going to be.  The funny thing is, neither of us realized immediately how ridiculous that question sounds on the surface.

This year's dates:

Thurs, Dec. 29 through

Tues, Jan 3

Please email me at suggestions@meanded.com and let me know if you're coming.


Adam does more "blogging."  Since that seems to be the trendy thing to do, I'll be adopting more of a blog-like format temporarily on my website.  Hopefully I'll update more!


Links added in Friends of Ed.  Slowly I'm adding links under each FOE's picture to the other places on the website were that person is featured.  I've completed up to Curt.  He and Ben took forever!


Curt and Michelle buy a house! Located in Portage, WI -- a nice compromise between Curt's work and Michelle's school/family, is a nice 2 bedroom single story home (with a large attic and full basement).  The house also has a wrap-around porch.  It's a great home, but like any starter needs a little remodeling.  I'm sure we're up to the challenge. Check out the video below.


(Right-click picture and select "Save Target As..." if you want video on you computer)



Ben Hacker and Ryan of the Lonely Ninjas get new apartment!  As many of you know, Ben has moved to Kenosha and joined forces with the other Ninjas members, John and RyanCarissa the beautiful was kind enough to give us a virtual tour...

(Right-click picture and select "Save Target As..." if you want video on you computer)



Adam moves into "van down by river."  UW-Madison is a little short on parking, and I'm a little short on money.  The Henry Vilas Zoo has rescued me, but [unknowingly] allowing me to park/sleep/live in the parking lot (200 yards from the Wingra river) for free.  At least during the day.  Grandma was nice enough to provide me with excellent accommodations and food overnight.  Check out the video.


(Right-click picture and select "Save Target As..." if you want video on you computer)



Adam's Uncle John creates Cervical Cancer Vaccine which makes front page of USA Today, New York Times. John Schiller (Adam's Mom's brother) works for the National Cancer Institute, a division of the National Institutes Health (NIH) in Washington, D.C. and has invented a vaccine, along with 2, other researchers, which protects against a virus responsible for all Cervical Cancer cases.  The vaccine could be available next year!

Check out the articles:

USA Today

New York Times


Ninjas have Live Album in the works, with a Demo available NOW.  I recorded the Lonely Ninjas at Two Chez in Green Lake a few weeks ago, and we've produced a 3-song demo from that performance for sale for only $2.

Samples of the songs:

    7 Days

    Crashed Down


email recording@meanded.com for a copy.


Ninjas keep the name.  After much contemplation, the new new band composed of Ben Hacker and the Ryan/John combination (previously of the Lonely Ninjas) has decided to keep the name the "Lonely Ninjas."


MeAndEd.com posts updates on Friends of Ed.  I have been conversing with some FOEs, and many of them have exciting things going on in their lives.  Look for information to be posted soon. 


Lonely Ninjas Studio Album to be released FOR FREE DOWNLOAD!  See the Recording page for downloads when they are posted.


Lonely Ninjas "underground" cuts released.  See the Recording page for downloads.


Ben Hacker and The Lonely Ninjas "Campfire Concert" CANCELLED due to inclement weather.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  The campfire is still taking place if it doesn't rain too much.


Ben Hacker and The Lonely Ninjas to play "Campfire Concert" at Crazy Ed's Friday, 8-26-05.  This informal performance will be recorded for possible use on a Live Album coming out this winter.  Please come if you can!


Adam begins enrollment at UW-Madison pursuing a Master's in Electrical Engineering on September 2, 2005.  Wish me luck.  I'm going to need it! 


Calendar Updated! 


Other concerts for Ben Hacker and/or The Lonely Ninjas.


- Wed, Aug 24 @ the Two Chez in Green Lake

- Thurs, Aug 25 (Ben only) @ the Two Chez in Green Lake

- Fri, Sept 9 @ The Encore on UW-Steven's Point Campus


New Friends of Ed!

A few new victims were added to the list on the nights of July 30 and August 4, as Amanda, Page, Siobhan, Mack, Tanner, Josh, Chris, and Tyler heard the stories and braved the night at Crazy Ed's.


Carissa redesigns her website.

For those of you who may not have seen it yet, Carissa's website has a whole new look.  Check it out by clicking the link to the left called "Carissa's Site"


The Play is DONE!

The show was lots of fun for sure, but I'm glad to have my life back now.  The cast party was yesterday (Sunday) at my campground, and it was blast.  Could be my last show for a while with Grad School coming up and all...


Carissa is in the play too!!

The show is called "The Three Musketeers--All Swash and No Buckle" by Pat Cook (see below).  Carissa is also learning to swordfight, and she will be fighting me in the final scene!  You won't want to miss this!


Adam and Emily learn to swordfight for a play!

The show is called "The Three Musketeers--All Swash and No Buckle" by Pat Cook, and will be performing July 28, 29, 30.  And yes, Emily and I have to swordfight on stage!  The show is a comedy, and should be fun for everyone.  Contact either Emily or Adam for tickets.


Calendar updated.

Now includes information about Adam and Emily's play, as well as about Emily and Jess's Graduation Party.


More "Adam's Phone" responses added.

Here's the latest batch of responses to my new voicemail including Kaylan, Ryan, Mom, Joel, and David.



(To download, right-click and select "Save Target As...")


Lonely Ninjas record Voicemail Greeting for Adam's Phone.

Check it out right here.  They recorded this for me during the making of The Lonely Ninjas Studio Album



(To download, right-click and select "Save Target As...")


Here are some responses to my new greeting, including guest appearances by Carissa, Bridget, Chase, Amy Sue, Emily, and Ben.



(To download, right-click and select "Save Target As...")


Give my cell a call to check it out yourself.  Also make sure to check out the song S.S. Blues by the Lonely Ninjas to fully understand my voice mail greeting.


Calendar page updated.

Due to the number of events taking place in the next few months, I thought it time to finally reinstate the Friends of Ed Calendar.


Click the link on the left of this page to visit the Calendar.


Submit you events to me at suggestions@meanded.com.


See Carrie's wedding dress!


(Click to enlarge)


(Carrie, let me know if I screwed up, and this is not your wedding dress! )


See more pictures here.


More engagements!! (See below.)


Jess creates all-new website!  Check out her site at jess.meanded.com


Friends of Ed page updated.  Newly added FOEs include Britney, Bob, Jonathan, Kaylan, Nicky, Rob, Phil R., Gina, and Ryan.  Existing FOEs with new pics include Emily W., Reed, John, Dan, and Carrie.


Carrie and Josh are engaged!  (I realize this is also old news, but again I just now got a picture of the ring!)  Carrie and Josh are now living in a house in Oconomowoc.  Here are some pictures. 


Click any picture to enlarge.




















Peter and Emily are engaged!  (I realize this is old news, but I just now got a picture of the ring! ) Peter proposed this past summer, just before Emily left for Texas for 6 months to do a Dietetics internship.  They will be married this spring.


Here's the ring!

(click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)



Recording page updated!  Downloads added from the UW SP Cru Band (which includes FOEs Ben, Paul, Dave, and Nicky.  Also, information concerning The Lonely Ninjas Studio Album has been posted.  Check it out at recording.meanded.com



Links now work!


New Year's info posted.  If I haven't heard from you, please email the dates you plan to attend the party to suggestions@meanded.com.



Update 01-03-05:

Ben coming entire time.

Kaylan is coming.


Recording section of the website updated.  Downloads are posted, as well as information about different recording projects that are in the works or finished.


Friends of Ed T-Shirts still available.  Cost is $8 (to help pay for manufacturing).  You can get them at the party.


Front of shirt:

(small picture on left chest)


Back of shirt:

(large across shoulder blades)


Carissa updates her website.  She's just posted some new pictures of Gracie under "The dog in my life" (you're never going to believe what she looks like!), and in case you missed it check out 
"Stories & ongoings" for "Kids Say the Darnedst Things", her new "The creature from the black lagoon", and "Photographic Works" for some pictures with her new camera.


Her website address is carissa.meanded.com


Wisconsin sees EXCELLENT Northern Lights!  On November 7 the Aurora Borealis were in rare form.  I've seen them many times, but never with such color.  Below are some pictures I took with Carissa.  You will think I used some fancy doctoring, but I didn't!  That was how the colors really looked!

(Click photo to enlarge)
















For you photographic types, these were taken with a Sony DSC-F717 (5MP digital camera) with a shutter speed of 10-15 sec (except the 2 brighter ones which used 30 sec) at f/2.0 using a Chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 as a tripod.  The only processing done was to increase Levels in Photoshop to what was acceptable (RGB channel only, no modification of levels of individual colors!) and some Contrast adjustment.


MeAndEd.com sets new record!

For the month of November, MeAndEd.com just set a new record for total hits (even though the month is not even over!!).  As of Nov. 24, 2004 we have received 20,025 hits, breaking the old record of 18,731 set in February of 2004.  Thanks to Sean and Kelly's Wedding, Amy and Darryl's engagement, and Curt and Michelle's engagement for that one, and thanks to everyone who has helped make this site such a success!


Amy and Darryl are engaged!

Amazingly, Amy and Darryl got engaged within approximately 5 minutes of Curt and Michelle, without either pair knowing what was happening to the other pair.


Here's the ring!

(Amy designed it herself!)


(click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)


Curt and Michelle are engaged!

Amazingly, Curt and Michelle got engaged within approximately 5 minutes of Amy and Darryl, without either pair knowing what was happening to the other pair.

Here's the ring!


(click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)


Sean and Kelly are married!


(click pic to see photos or go to Photo Album)


The whole thing was excellent.  I had a blast!  Curt and I got to be groomsmen, which was awesome.  The ceremony was held at Kelly's church in Milwaukee, and the reception at a nice hotel/convention center in Brookfield.


Ken is lighting designer for Fiddler on the Roof at UW Steven's Point.  

The show runs November 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21, 2004


For tickets:

Call: 800-838-3378

Online Tickets


Click here for more about the show


Sean's new House Video!!!!

Please join us below for a virtual tour of Sean's (and soon to be Kelly's) new house!  Carissa and I had the opportunity to see the new place when we went to pick up my new truck from Sean.



Size:  3.8 MB

Opens in Windows Media Player

Sean's New House

Hint:  Right-click the link and click "Save Target As"

For user with a high-speed connection:

Size:  8.0 MB

Opens in Windows Media Player

Sean's New House

Hint:  Right-click the link and click "Save Target As"


Adam and Carissa return from camping in the UP.  We had an AWESOME time.  Look for pics to be posted here on the website sometime before 2009.

Updated 11-27-04

Pictures are now posted!!! Click here!

FRIENDS OF ED!!!!  Send me an email at suggestions@meanded.com about what's going on in your lives!


Adam tries to post up-to-date info about friends who have exciting things going on in their lives...  


Amy Hoff (aka Amy Ole) gets a house.  Amy and Mike purchased their own house (some time ago ).  It's near where they got married, tucked away in the woods.  Looks awesome!  Send me that pic Amy!


Carrie is ENGAGED and has a HOUSE!  I realize that this is actually old news, but I've been a little behind lately with updates.  Carrie, send me some pics of the ring and house and stuff and I'll put them up here (probably in 2007).


Curt gets new car.  Larry (aka Curt's Bravada) has moved on to the great highway in the sky, and has been replaced with a Supercharged 260 horsepower 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP.  I'm so jealous.  Pics to follow.


UPDATED: Curt gets a job with ETC!  ETC, a Middleton-based company, is one of the premier professional lighting companies in the country.  His title is "System Estimator" and he will be analyzing designs of a lighting systems and quoting a price.  He says he'll be guaranteeing customer satisfaction.  Check out ETC's website here.


Sean gets a house!  It's a 2 bedroom in Mukwonago with a wrap-around porch, lake access on phantom lake and a big yard.  He says the directions to get there are nice and easy so that lots of people can visit.   He's closing and moving in on the 14th of July, and Kelly will join him after the wedding in October.  He says he'll be remodeling next year (big surprise!), so he'll need some help.  Hey, we can put an addition on his place just like Ed's!


Ben returns from Brazil soon.  Ben has been in Brazil on a Campus Crusade for Christ Summer Project (click here) for some time now, and returns home in about 2 weeks.  Look for information regarding this trip to be here at Me And Ed.com.  It's even been rumored that he may start his own website in the Friends of Ed network...


Me And Ed.com gets even bigger.  Because our hosting company, Aplus.net, is the coolest EVER, Me And Ed.com now has almost 6 times the available space it did before.  This means that any Friend of Ed can have his/her own web space at Me And Ed.com (or even just an email address), even though there are 57 of them!


This also means that even MORE AUDIO will be made available at the site, everything from the Ben Hack Live CD Release party, to Carissa and Adam camping with Matt in Spirit last fall (it's a nice ambience :o)


Now if only I had some more time.


The Ben Hacker Live CD Release Party was AWESOME.  We packed the Encore on the UWSP Campus with more than 300 people!  The Lonely Ninjas opened for Ben with some very funny stuff, and Ben played for about an hour and a half--sometimes by himself and sometimes with as many as 4 people accompanying him.


Look for the audio of the concert to be available soon on this website!


Friends of Ed page updated.  Ed now has 57 friends!!  38 of them have pictures!  Click the Friends of Ed link to the left to see the updates.  I finally have some pictures up.  Please keep in mind this site is still a work in progress. 


PLEASE email me at suggestions@meanded.com if you have stayed overnight at Ed's and I don't have your name on that page.


Jess is home!!  She arrived in Milwaukee at 5:05pm yesterday, May 11.  She made it home safe and sound with a rather smooth trip (considering she was traveling for more than 31 hours).


New version of Automation released for testing.  It's version 3.0.21 (also called simply Revision 21), and the executable can be found by following the Smart Radio link to the left.  Curt and Ken are already testing (and crashing ) it on their computers.  Let me know if you'd like to do the same.


Dan makes cameo in a radio sweeper.  I've been working on some new sweepers and station id's for WRPN-FM in Ripon (my old college radio station).  While listening to the radio show we did last summer (Dan, Carissa, Curt, Michelle, Sean, Kelly, Jess, Jess's friend Adam, Jess's friend Adam's sister (can't remember her name), and myself), I came upon a pretty funny clip of Dan that I could use.  


I hope you don't mind, Dan!


Click here to give it a listen!


Ed-Bay updated with two new items.  Just follow the link on the left of this page to see if they belong to you.


Dan is moving to Florida.  This may be old news to some of you, but some may not have heard of this until now.  Among other things, he's going down to be nearer to his brother Ron.  He still plans to come back up each year for New Year's.  If you want to call him and don't have his number, you can contact me.


We're going to miss you Dan. 


Adam is in another play.  It's called The Hollywood Hillbillies, and it's similar in nature to the Beverly Hillbillies.  I play "Bubba," a fellow who mostly crawls around on stage chasing a bullfrog (and chasing girls with the bullfrog).  Reminds me a lot of my childhood


If ever you've seen me in a play (or if you never have), I really think you should see this one.  It looks like it's going to be very funny.


More information concerning dates and such will follow.


Addition gets attached to Crazy Ed's.  At first glance, you may think I made a mistake.  We attached the addition before New Year's, right?  Technically, no.  We built the addition before New Year's, and placed it against the trailer, but never really attached it.  When Curt came over a couple weekend's ago, he and I figured it was a miracle that we couldn't yet see daylight between the two, so we decided it was time to bolt the addition to the trailer.  Thanks Curt!  (He also installed a new doorknob in the addition).



Windows Messenger can be stopped!  Today I have discovered a way to stop Windows Messenger from popping up, and I'm so excited that I thought I'd post it here.  Click the link below to find out how.  (Note:  Don't do this if you ever use Windows Messenger!)


Click here to find out how


Jess sends an update from Ghana.  Click the "Jess's Journey" link to the left to read about crazy taxi drivers and gold houses.


The Ben Hacker Project Postponed.  The release date for the Studio Album (originally April 30) has been pushed back at least a few months (hopefully around fall 2004).


(Click here for details)


The CD Release Party is still happening on April 30, however we just going to be releasing the Live Album.  Please come to the party if you can!  It will be held in the Encore on the UW-Steven's Point campus.  If you can get to Ed's, I can give you a ride up.  Feel free to call me or email me at info@meanded.com to set that up or for more information if you want to come.


Adam returns from Indiana.  As many of you know, I spent the last 6 days in South Bend, IN, attending 

a RV Troubleshooting Clinic.  I gained a lot of knowledge, as well as some fun stories...


Jess pounds fufu. 

Jess has sent a caption for the previously uncaptioned last picture of Installment #3.  Click here to check it out.


Jess sent pictures from Ghana!  

Just go to jess.meanded.com or click the "Jess's Journey" link to the left to see them.


Carissa hits the wall.  

In an effort to assist me in producing sound effects for my latest play, Carissa risked life and limb to provide my audience realistic "thuds" that I recorded.


Click here to give them a listen.


All the more reason to come to my play! 


Jessica is in Ghana!  She arrived last week and says that everything is going well.  She loves the people and the program so far.


Remember, if you want to get a hold of her please email her at jess@meanded.com


I have tickets for my play.  It's a dinner theatre.  The meal includes all sorts of tasty stuff which has names that I don't know, including Green Bean Almondine, Braised Beef Tips w/ Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms, Oven Roasted Garlic and Sage Chicken Breast, deserts, mulled cider, and more.



Call me or email suggestions@meanded.com  Seating is limited.  The price is $20, but I really think it will be worth it.  It's very funny.


The show is called You Can't Get There From Here by Pat Cook, and is performed Feb. 19-21.


Note:  This is a Thursday through Saturday, not Fri-Sun like I first posted.


The Ben Hacker Project LIVE is finished.  This live album should be available for purchase toward the end of February, just a few months before the studio album comes out.


Sean's Halloween party page updated at the request of Kenny (I think).  Now you can click the group picture to see who everyone is, and even see Dan stick his tongue in Kelly's ear.


Lost and found page created.  Please click this link or click on "Ed-Bay" at the left to check if you might have left something at Ed's over the years.


Adam is in a play!  It's called You Can't Get There From Here by Pat Cook.  My character is Arthur, one of only 2 guy parts.  It's going to be a dinner theatre.  Tickets should be on sale soon.  Come see us perform Feb. 19-21 (not 20-22 like I first said).


Carissa finally has a website!!  

Check it out here or by clicking the link to the left.

Tell her what you think at paintedpony@meanded.com


Jess to be posting her adventures on MeAndEd.com!  As you all probably know by now, Jess is going to Ghana this next semester as a study abroad program.  While she is there, she will be sharing her adventures  right here on this site (see the "Jess's Journey" link to the left).


Also, her email address while she is there is jess@meanded.com


Carissa (and Gracie) have bios on the Friends of Ed page.  Check out her bio by clicking here or by navigating to the Friends of Ed page.


You can email Carissa (or Gracie) at PaintedPony@meanded.com


Funding has been received for the Ben Hacker Project.  It's official now--Crazy Ed's Studios will be recording and producing two Albums for Ben.  First a live album will be coming out in the next couple months (the date is uncertain yet), and in April the full studio album should be available.  The music video to Stay should also be available for purchase sometime around the release of the live album.  Check recording.meanded.com for updates on these albums.


Carissa gets a horse!!!  Fulfilling a lifelong dream, Carissa received her first horse today.  The Avery's (her employers) bought it for her as a Christmas gift.  She's unbelievably excited.


Click to enlarge.


Ben Hacker Stay music video finished!  On Saturday, Dec. 6, 2003 I went up to help Ben and his friend (and director) Ryan Gerlach (sp?) shoot a music video for Ben's song Stay which will be debuting on his album due to release in April '04.  (See the Recording page for album details.)   I haven't seen it yet, but I'm told it came out awesome!


The video should be for sale sometime in Feb. '04 as an add-on to a short live CD we hope to release at that time.  If you'd like to see the video before that, I'll have a copy.


Look to the left to see some pictures taken during the filming of the video.  (In the future, they can be found in the Photo Album.)  If you get a chance to see the video, some of these pictures may look familiar.


Ken lands a mainstage lighting design at Steven's Point for next semester!  This is a huge deal--usually sophomores don't get designs, especially when they haven't even taken the lighting design class yet!  He must be doing a good job.  Be sure and congratulate him when you talk to him.


Friends of Ed page finally created.  It's definitely still a work in progress, but at least it's something.  Click here to see it (or you can always follow the link in the upper-left corner of the page).  If you've stayed at least one night at Ed's and I left you off the list, email me at suggestions@

meanded.com and let me know.


The "Big Night" at this year's New Year's Party should be on Saturday, January 3rd, not January 5!  Thanks to Michelle and Curt for pointing out the mistake. 


Preparation for Crazy Ed's New Years Bash 2004 has begun!!!  At this point, it looks as though the party will be held from Wed, Dec 31 through Sun, Jan 4.  The big night should be on Sat, Jan 3.  If so, this will be the night that we will burn the brush pile (if we have snow).  If you've ever been to Crazy Ed's before, New Year's or otherwise, you are definitely invited.  Even if you haven't been here, as long as you know someone who will be here, then come on along!  (You may not want to come if you accidentally found this page on Google and don't actually know any of us.)  As always, everyone is invited to stay the whole time, but if you can only come for a short time that's great too!


This year should be much like other years, with a few changes.  Expect to see golf-cart ice races (if my dad will let us), a huge bonfire (and maybe the fire department), video games, movies, music, and the like.


The Ben Hacker Project has returned to Crazy Ed's.  This will be Ben's first solo album and the first full-length album I've recorded/ produced.  We're both very excited!  The album is set (tentatively) to release toward the end of April, 2004.  Details will follow for the release party.  Check the Recording page periodically for downloads and updates.


Adam, Emily, and Jess are going on vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada for the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds
Convention (the convention where I wrote Elvis and Tangerines last year).  My parents and I leave on Sat., Nov. 8 and Jess and Em fly down to meet us later.  After the convention we are going to Lake Mead in Utah and renting a house boat for a couple days.  We're taking the truck and 5th wheel, and camping the whole time.  I'm really looking forward to it.  I'll be back on Nov. 22.


Sean and Kelly are engaged!!!



They will be getting married in the fall of 2004.  Be sure to wish them a congratulations when you see them.  Don't they look cute?


Sean and Kelly are having (not hosing as previously stated) a Halloween Party at his parents house in Oconomowoc on Saturday, November 1.  It's an open party.  If you would consider Sean or Kelly your friend, (or even if you like kinda know who they are) you should come to this party!  Don't forget your costume!  It looks like it's going to be a huge bash.


Jessica may be going to Africa this next semester.  She's thinking Ghana.  Pretty cool, aye?


Ken has a new email address at kentech@meanded.com.  He is the first to get an email address at MeAndEd.com.  If you'd like one, email me at suggestions@meanded.com.


Ivy Wagner has joined MeAndEd.com!!!  Some of you may not know who she is.  She is an official Friend of Ed (she came out and stayed over night at Crazy Ed's in the fall of 2000 with the Ripon College Christian Organization), goes to Ripon College, and rooms with Carissa.  She decided to create her own website.  You can see it at jivewith.meanded.com.  It's definitely cool--check it out.  Her email address is whoabuddy@meanded.com


Ken did a sound design for a mainstage theatre production at UW Steven's Point.  His show continues this weekend (October 17-19).  Email kentech@meanded.com for tickets.

Carissa has a sound effect in this show!!!  If you go to see the show, listen for the sound effects when you see the shooting star.  You can download her sound effect here.  Then just rename the file from shootingstar1.zip to shootingstar1.wav and double-click it.


Smart Radio 3.0 (beta) Revision 20 is out and needs some testing.  It incorporates, among other things, a Playlist Editor and programmable Events.  If you are at all interested in trying out my music-playing program called Smart Radio, please let me know.  If you already have it installed on your computer, download the newest exe at automation.meanded.com


Carissa just got a new house near the Avery's where she works.  Part of her new job as barn manager is that she is provided housing.  She's pretty excited.  She will be rooming with Ivy, a friend of hers who still goes to College are Ripon.


Our hearts and our prayers go out to the family and friends of Lori Feil who left to meet our heavenly father on August 23, 2003.  No doubt she and Bea are on that golf cart right now. 


The play is finally over!  "If a Man Answers" was an AWESOME show and I've had a lot of fun, but the time factor was crazy.  For three weeks I did nothing but work during the day and work on the play at night.  Through this weekend I'll probably work a 70 hour week, and I will feel like I have all kinds of free time!  I might actually call and talk to some of my friends now!  I can't believe I haven't done anything with this website for a month and a half.  It's time to get it updated.


Send Adam a text message to his phone!  It's entirely free (for both of us), and is a good way to get a hold of me when I'm working and my coverage is not so good.  Just click here, enter my phone number and the message, and click "Send."  It's that easy!


Adam and Emily are in a play.  The Community Learning Center in Montello (in conjunction with Sue Maasz, an English and Drama teacher at Montello High School) have put together a Community Theatre this year.  Emily and I auditioned and both received roles.  Come see us perform the last weekend in June!  Call me or email me at suggestions@meanded.com if you want tickets.


Adam purchased 2 campsites at LiFest 2003!  We are going to pack up the "addition" here at Ed's (i.e. my 18' 1977 camper) and head up to LiFest in Oshkosh and camp for the weekend of July 10-13.  I'm really looking forward to it (even though I probably won't be there for the whole time).  If you want to come, get tickets NOW to get a cheaper price.  Information can be found at www.lifest.com.


Carol and Gwen to come to Wisconsin.  My mother just booked Carol's ticket to come up here to lovely Wisconsin this summer, and it looks like she'll stay for about 3 weeks.  Gwen does not yet have a ticket, and looks to stay about 2 weeks.  I'll have the details of their arrivals and departures on the Calendar page when I get around to updating it. 


Photo album updated.  Click on the "Photo Album" in the Navigate pane to the left to see pictures from the first part of my Texas trip.  Spring Break photos from Nordheim and Tucson to come soon.


Adam returns home at end of week.  Looks like I should be back around when the week's out (probably Fri 03-21-03).  Jess and I are back from our Spring Break trip to Tucson, AZ.  It was great!  Check back to the Photo Album page often to see pictures of the trip as I add them.


Adam and Jess to go to Tucson, AZ for spring break.

Jess and I are going to try a little hiking / camping / backpacking in the mountains around Tucson.  We plan to stay initially at Catalina State Park located here while we check out the area, buy maps, and prepare for a backpacking trip.  We are thinking we'll probably do most of our hiking and backpacking on the trails starting out from the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area located here.  The trails we will likely take are to Seven Falls, Hutch's Pool, and maybe some of the Esperero trail if we are feeling ambitious.  Check back in a week or two for information on this camping trip and the one we took to North Padre Island last weekend.


Michelle is all right!!

Good news!  The results on Michelle's tests are back, and the cells are benign.  Translation:  She's going to be fine.  Congratulations Mitchell!


Smart Radio 3.0 page added.

The page is simple for the moment, but functional.  I'll continue to post the latest version for download.  Go to the Navigate pane to the left for the link, or click here.


Texas photo album created.

Check out my photo album from my Texas trip.  I will continue to update it as I take more pictures (and as the ones from earlier in the trip get developed).  I love my digital camera!


Michelle needs to undergo more tests.

Unfortunately, Michelle's biopsy on Feb. 14 didn't give her any information, good or bad.  She will be undergoing further testing the next few weeks, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


Adam gets a (really-super-cheap) digital camera.

Look for pictures to be placed on the website somewhat faster now!  CompUSA had an unbelievable deal on a pretty basic digital camera--2.1 megapixels for only $79.00--and I've been looking for one for a while, so I picked it up.  It is nothing like my real camera for features or quality, but will help me keep my website updated.  Look for some pics of what's going on down here soon.


Adam arrives at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX.

I made pretty good time getting down here--better than I thought.  I randomly stopped in Elgin on Sunday night to visit Amy Sue and randomly went to a Jars of Clay concert.  That was awesome!  After leaving from the Elgin area then on Monday morning, I made it in two days to San Antonio, TX.  After coming from Wisconsin, it's like being in the tropics down here!


Texas trip is on!

Looks like I'll be going to Texas after all (I'll believe it when I see it ).  My car is being finished today, and my parents have graciously offered to loan me some money for the repairs--so San Antonio, here I come!


Emily got a guinea pig! For more information in the form of an original literary masterpiece  by Em and C'rissa, click here. 


Mary just got her own room

and we (Matt, Carissa, and I) helped her move in this morning.  It's even a double!


Texas trip postponed/cancelled. Under the present circumstances, I'm not sure if I'll be departing for Texas at all this winter.  It's not out of the question, but things don't look good.  I may have to plan for next year. 


Curt gets his own room!  And it's even a double--all to himself!


Michelle is undergoing thyroid-related surgery next week.  Please keep her in your prayers--especially that the results of the biopsy are good.


We love you Mitchell!!


Carissa sings in church!  Carissa has joined the worship team and Ripon Community Church as a star vocalist.


Please come and see her on February 16th or call/email her for more dates or information.


Carissa says:  "I promise I don't suck... Usually."


Adam finally updates his website!

I figured this was news-worthy.


Adam's camera is finally fixed!  For those of you who don't know the story, my $400 camera which I received as a combined gift from my family and Carissa in February of 2002, quit working in April 2002 for no apparent reason.  After sending it back to my warrantee company, they told me that someone "pushed in the shutter blades" and that it was not covered under warrantee.   They told me it would be $165 and 6 weeks to fix!  I told them forget it, and took it to BDC Camera in Madison, and they fixed it in 2 days for $31.27.


They're my heros.


"Atomic Botch" (as Peter's band is temporarily named ) put together the first of its songs.  These songs, like those released the day before for the Ben Hacker Project, were recorded, mixed and mastered very quickly.  Still, they might warrant a listen.


Please visit recording.meanded.com if you'd like to download and listen to them!


The "Ben Hacker Project" put together it's first preliminary songs.  These songs were recorded during Crazy Ed's New Year's Bash, and mixed and mastered afterward in no more than a few hours time.  The album is set to release in fall of 2003.


Please visit recording.meanded.com if you'd like to download and listen to them!

"Peter's Band" (for lack of any other name) began their recording project.
Peter, Mike, and Reed (formerly of Soapbox USA) and Andy came out to begin their demo recording project.  Release date not yet set.v

The "Ben Hacker Project" was officially begun.
Today Ben Hacker, formerly of Soapbox USA came out to my newly-built recording studio to start a full album recording project, aimed at release in fall of 2003.

Recording Studio has finally been completed!
Click here to see pictures of the new studio.  We're all pretty excited.
Schiller Fox Studios finally has a [semi-]permanant home.
On Friday, 12-06-02, construction began on my new recording studio located in the spare bedroom at Crazy Ed's.  We built a mostly sound-proof wall with a 3' x 5' window, and started work on the control room, which occupies approximately 1/3 of what used to be the old bedroom.  The other 2/3 is the performance area.  We hope to have the studio completed by Dec 15.  It looks totally different!  You have to see it--it's awesome!!
A special thanks to Curt, Michelle, and Kenny for helping me out with the planning and building of the studio.  I couldn't have done it without you guys.  Hopefully, if my camera gets back from being fixed sometime soon, I'll post some pictures of it.  Otherwise, you all can see it at New Years!
Crazy Ed's New Years Bash 2003 is now being planned!  I will be contacting many of you this week and next to see when you can make it.  At this point, it looks like the party will start on Dec. 31 (Tuesday) and continue through the following Sunday (Jan 5).  Please see the calendar.  Everyone won't be able to come for the whole time, but make sure you can come either Friday or Saturday.  Either Friday or Saturday night we intend to burn the brush pile (assuming enough snow)--we'll do it on whichever night the most people can come.  This will be the biggest night of the party. 

Please email me at newyears@meanded.com when you think you can come, or call me at Ed's.

I hope to have newyears.meanded.com operational soon, and on it we will post plans for what we will do during the party.  As always, I'd love to hear your suggestions for the party (of for anything) at suggestions@meanded.com or newyears@meanded.com

Radio Automation 3.0 Beta released!
It finally happened!  My radio station automation program, the one that has been running WRPN radio for the past 3 years has finally been updated to version 3.  It has been completely redesigned, and incorporates features for DJs which make it more like Winamp, without losing the functionality of running the station all by itself.  Thanks to Emily for help with the name.  For the moment anyway, it will be called Smart Radio 3.0.  It was better than any ideas I could come up with!  Look to the left to see some screen shots of automation.  Soon I will post more details about the system, and make it available for download.  I hope to install it at Ripon this week.  The non-beta version will include some features not yet functional in the beta version, and I hope to have it out sometime in December.  Let me know what you think (particularly on my tacky colors :o).  I thought I'd spice things up a little this time.  I was getting sick of all that gray!  Also, what do you think of the name "Smart Radio" ?  Email me at suggestions@meanded.com


Calendar page updated
on 11-04-02.  Please check it out and submit information about your life so that I can post it on the calendar.
Subdomains are available for anyone of you amigos who want your own webspace.  Your website address would be whatever.meanded.com.
As an example, Curt might get curt.meanded.com, or he might get mustangsrock.menaded.com.
Just let me know, and I'd be happy to give them out.  I can have as many as I want.
Subdomains already added:
I'm looking for help with site from any of you who might be willing to give it.  I'm looking for ideas as well as graphic creativity.  Thanks to Peter for offering to help some as he has time.  I'm not very good at this creative webpage design thing, so give me ideas.  Either call me or email me at suggestions@meanded.com