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Last Night in Neverland

Ninjas Release New Album in Concert Friday, May 5


If you can make it, it's going to be a great time.  Peter's going to be performing with the band again, so this is going to be the Lonely Ninjas as you've never seen them before.

The performance is Friday, May 5 in the Encore at UW-SP.  It starts at 6:30pm, admission is $4 (unless you're a UW-SP student).  We'll be releasing the latest album, Last Night in Neverland, recorded live at Two Chez in Green Lake, WI, and produced, mixed, and mastered here at Crazy Ed's Studios.  More details about the album can be found in the blog.


Panama Clean-Water Project

Matt Receives Funding!

Matt, who is currently in the Peace Corps down in Panama, is currently heading a project to provide clean drinking to two towns, serving roughly 500 people.  He has received all the funds necessary in time so that he can start the project before roads will become impassible in his area and they'll have to wait another year.  Thanks to all who donated!


Matt says, "... I am happy to say that all the money has come in. Thank you very much to all of you who donated ... The rains have been threatening to start early this year, but my community and I are optimistic that we can yet complete this project before the road turns into a river. Thanks again. "


Last updated 09/21/2009
2005 Adam Malsack




Lonely Ninjas release Last Night in Neverland Album in concert on Friday, May 5 in UW-SP Encore.  Details to the left


Matt receives his funding.  Details to the left.


Matt only needs $550 more.  Instructions on how to donate are to the left. 


Matt heads Clean-Water Project in Panama.  The project will bring safe drinking water to two towns with roughly 500 people, and 100% of the funds go directly to the project.  See left for details and info on how to donate.


Amy Sue and Darryl House Video finally posted.  Click on the picture below to download the video. 



Also, check out www.darrylvoss.com to see more pics.


Carissa moves to Colorado.  A sad day for me and Ed for sure, but she's off to be a super cool horse trainer.  Check out the videos to the left to see what's up.


Chris becomes official "FOE" Look for his picture to be posted soon.


Dan, Amy join Friends of Ed Blog.  The blog now includes posts from the above two, as well as Adam, Carissa, Curt, Emily, Jess, Ken, and Sean.


Matt doing well in Panama.  As you may know, Matt has joined the Peace Corps for 2 years.  Due to certain restrictions I can't post details here, but he has been working on projects including renewable, sanitary latrines and cutting rice with machetes, as well as playing soccer with the local children in his free time.  Sounds like he's having a great time.




CrazyEds.net adds a blog!  Let me know if you'd like to sign up.  It's SUPER EASY to use--no fancy computer knowledge necessary.  Check it out here.


Jess gives overview of Ghana trip.  Check out why she's there and what she's doing by visiting Jess' Blog.


Carissa moves to Colorado.  She's off in March to study under "America's most trusted Horseman," John Lyons.  She'll be gone about 6 months, and Adam will be at home crying every day.  Hopefully I'll get to go see her at least a couple times.  The John Lyons Certification Program is nationally known and will help Carissa become a better trainer (and get more money )


Jess updates from Ghana.  Keep track of what's going on in Jess's life by visiting Jess' Blog


Sean gets famous If you don't believe me, see for yourself.  Go to www.yahoo.com, select "Video" under Search Category, and search for "house"--and you'll see Sean's ugly mug! Out of 34,694 videos of houses that Yahoo! searches, Sean's comes up on the first page!  (Because of Yahoo!, Sean and his house were seen by 24 people in the last 2 days, and last month by 177 people!)


Kassia added to Friends of Ed.  She actually stayed with us some time ago, and I'm finally getting to add her now.


New Year's 2006 Dates.  Dan called me the other day and asked me when New Year's was going to be.  The funny thing is, neither of us realized immediately how ridiculous that question sounds on the surface.

This year's dates:

Thurs, Dec. 29 through

Tues, Jan 3

Please email me at suggestions@meanded.com and let me know if you're coming.


Adam does more "blogging."  Since that seems to be the trendy thing to do, I'll be adopting more of a blog-like format temporarily on my website.  Hopefully I'll update more!


Links added in Friends of Ed.  Slowly I'm adding links under each FOE's picture to the other places on the website were that person is featured.  I've completed up to Curt.  He and Ben took forever!


Curt and Michelle buy a house! Located in Portage, WI -- a nice compromise between Curt's work and Michelle's school/family, is a nice 2 bedroom single story home (with a large attic and full basement).  The house also has a wrap-around porch.  It's a great home, but like any starter needs a little remodeling.  I'm sure we're up to the challenge. Check out the video below.


(Right-click picture and select "Save Target As..." if you want video on you computer)



Ben Hacker and Ryan of the Lonely Ninjas get new apartment!  As many of you know, Ben has moved to Kenosha and joined forces with the other Ninjas members, John and RyanCarissa the beautiful was kind enough to give us a virtual tour...

(Right-click picture and select "Save Target As..." if you want video on you computer)



Adam moves into "van down by river."  UW-Madison is a little short on parking, and I'm a little short on money.  The Henry Vilas Zoo has rescued me, but [unknowingly] allowing me to park/sleep/live in the parking lot (200 yards from the Wingra river) for free.  At least during the day.  Grandma was nice enough to provide me with excellent accommodations and food overnight.  Check out the video.


(Right-click picture and select "Save Target As..." if you want video on you computer)



Adam's Uncle John creates Cervical Cancer Vaccine which makes front page of USA Today, New York Times. John Schiller (Adam's Mom's brother) works for the National Cancer Institute, a division of the National Institutes Health (NIH) in Washington, D.C. and has invented a vaccine, along with 2, other researchers, which protects against a virus responsible for all Cervical Cancer cases.  The vaccine could be available next year!

Check out the articles:

USA Today

New York Times


Ninjas have Live Album in the works, with a Demo available NOW.  I recorded the Lonely Ninjas at Two Chez in Green Lake a few weeks ago, and we've produced a 3-song demo from that performance for sale for only $2.

Samples of the songs:

    7 Days

    Crashed Down


email recording@meanded.com for a copy.


Ninjas keep the name.  After much contemplation, the new new band composed of Ben Hacker and the Ryan/John combination (previously of the Lonely Ninjas) has decided to keep the name the "Lonely Ninjas."


MeAndEd.com posts updates on Friends of Ed.  I have been conversing with some FOEs, and many of them have exciting things going on in their lives.  Look for information to be posted soon. 


Lonely Ninjas Studio Album to be released FOR FREE DOWNLOAD!  See the Recording page for downloads when they are posted.


Lonely Ninjas "underground" cuts released.  See the Recording page for downloads.

More news...